Best Marketing Campaigns – Nike Football


Best Marketing Campaigns – Nike Football

Yet another Nike classic. In this viral video series, Nike shoots football players wearing the latest Nike gear and showing off their amazing football skills. Using stylish editing and engaging soundtracks combined with phenomenal skills on part of the players made those videos global hits. Some of the videos got 23.5 million views.

Let’s see why:


Shooting football players demonstrating their skills is not a new idea, but the sheer style and class behind those videos more than made up for that. The idea is simple associate Nike’s products with the skill of the featured player, and people will want to buy them. And it worked.


The ball and the skill of the player are the main attraction here, yet subconsciously the audience associate what they see with the product. This plays on the ever present feeling that ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย most people have and that is; their skills are handicapped by the tools they use, and not the opposite.

-The feel good factor

Football is the number one sport around the world, it has almost universal appeal. The style by which those videos were made combined with the skill of the players made the videos irresistible to people. Anyone who posted those videos on his site or blog would get a lot of traffic, and a lot of positive comments. Who wouldn’t want that?


Nike made a series out of the videos, featuring new players and even moving to other sports. This variety helps to keep the audience interested for the longest possible time. Everyone wanted to know who the next star on Nike’s videos would be, and that generated a lot of buzz and a lot of views.