Muscle Building Diets and Other Bodybulding Secrets for Average Guys


Muscle Building Diets and Other Bodybulding Secrets for Average Guys

you know that building muscle isn’t easy. Learning the best muscle-building diets and workouts is confusing to say the least. Everybody has a different way of doing things, but which one is right? Well, they may all be right in some ways. At least for some body types.

What I mean by that is some workout gurus are adamant that you have to lift massive weights for only 6-10 repetitions to build muscle, while others say you really should be lifting a somewhat lighter weight and going to failure even if that means 10-15 reps. Which one is right? That really depends on your body, for one thing. Another thing to consider is how much muscle do you want to gain? If you are looking to be the next Mr. Olympia then yes, by all means go heavy. Of course you better have the massive diet to help recover from it, and the pharmaceuticals as well.

For the average guy that just wants to put on a about 20 or so pounds of muscle, then any routine that is well-suited to your body can pack on muscle. The main thing is you need to be consistent, so if you have the best workout routine in the world and eat a strict diet consisting of 40% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30% fats, with nothing but the best habits, you still won’t gain any muscle unless you actually stick with it! Many guys start off with the best intentions but quit after buy Ibutamoren a few weeks, realizing it will take a few months before “noticeable” muscle gain occurs.

Don’t be discouraged by slow results, every body is different and some people just gain muscle faster than others. The other thing is if you are trying to lose weight, that can happen fairly fast at first and then the results become harder and harder as you get closer to your ideal weight. Same story with gaining muscle, your body wants to go to a comfortable plateau, and so you need to keep on pushing yourself to force it to gain muscle. Don’t forget to rest and recuperate as well though, since over-training is nearly as bad as not training at all. The basic rule is, if you’re still very sore from the last workout, perhaps you need to rest another day. Either that or try training another body part, and mix up your workouts a bit. Keep your body guessing and pretty soon you will see results!