Psychological Evaluation Before Weight Loss Surgery

Obese patients, who are planning for obesity surgery, have to undergo a pre-operative evaluation to analyze the risks that will be associated with the surgery. The pre-operative evaluation includes standard tests like blood tests, measurement of blood pressure, test for any pre-existing nutritional deficiencies, etc. The patients are also evaluated psychologically to determine their mental stability for the surgery. American association of Psychiatry recommends psychological evaluation for all obese patients who wants to undergo surgery for reduction of their excessive weight.

Below are the reasons for the requirement of a comprehensive presurgical psychiatric evaluation.

  • A research report published in ‘The American Journal of psychiatry’ states that psychiatric disorders are prevalent among bariatric surgery candidates. A psychological evaluation will therefore, determine any such existing disorder like binder eating. The idea is to treat the patient for such disorders first and then follow it up with a weight loss surgery, so that better weight loss results are achieved. The surgery will go in vain if the patient will not be able to able to control his / her urge to eat.
  • Bariatric surgery Chrissy Metz Weight Loss candidates are required to be able to tolerate the risks of surgery and strictly follow a postoperative regimen that requires lifelong changes in diet and activity. The life after surgery requires the patient to eat a small healthy diet and a dedicated exercise program that will help in burning the extra stored fat. A psychological screening will help in analyzing the patient’s mental preparedness for the upcoming lifestyle changes.
  • Very often, the bariatric patients are found to have unrealistic expectations of losing their extra kilos. Many such patients have report dissatisfaction relating to excess skin or flabbiness and weight loss results. Patients need to be evaluated to verify the presence of any such misconceptions in their minds. If the obese patients have any such thoughts, they will be suggested to understand the surgery, its associated requirements, and risks involved in surgery.