The Lunesta Dosage Problem and How It Can Lead to Addiction and Overdose


The Lunesta Dosage Problem and How It Can Lead to Addiction and Overdose

One of the problems with Lunesta is how to manage your Lunesta dosage. Many users find that while the manufactured dose seems small…it comes in 1, 2 and 3mg tablets, the actual amount that a person needs to maintain their sleep can be higher than that. This is causing people to abuse and potentially overdose by taking more than one pill or crushing pills and taking an unregulated amount to get sleep. As this drug becomes more widely used the problem will get worse.

An overdose on Lunesta can be serious. It can include symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, confusion, dizziness and breathing problems. If taken far enough a person can become unconscious or go into a coma. Unfortunately, many people taking this drug develop tolerance to the regular dosage and often begin experimenting with doses of their own in a desperate attempt to get much needed sleep.

You can tell that finding a correct Lunesta dosage is a problem right from the start. The pill is made in 1, 2 and 3mg dosages, but many doctors go ahead and start patients at 3mg. This means that when a patient’s body develops a tolerance to the 3mg dose there is really nowhere to go from there, but to play with taking more than one pill or go through the process of finding something else to help you sleep. However, when you’re struggling to sleep for nights on end you can become anxious to find the quickest method possible to get to sleep. That usually means trying more than the regular Lunesta dosage instead of waiting to see the doctor, get another prescription and hope that a different medicine works.

Aside from the danger of an overdose on Lunesta, takingbuy Ibutamoren too much can exaggerate the side effects of the drug. People can begin to develop serious mood/behavior changes, increased anger or depression, memory issues or outright periods of amnesia, hallucinations, headaches, etc. The more people experiment with their Lunesta dosage the higher their risk of developing serious health complications from some of these side effects.

These problems are not just limited to Lunesta…most sleep medications have this issue of tolerance, dependency and risk of side effects or overdose. To top that off, many studies have shown that sleeping pills are really only helpful in the small number of insomnia cases that occur without an identifiable root cause. Most cases of insomnia are symptoms of another underlying issue or problem like depression, stress, poor sleep habits, etc.